About this site

A solo project which Intends to cover the entire Quran with the primary focus on  bridging the gap between the Arabic and English understanding of the Quran.

This is a solo project. I am a student an undegraduate student of Arabic. I created this website in order to share the my daily readings and research on the Qur'an. What I study daily, I share here since I feel it can benefit others and also helps me retain my memory. I ask Allah to make this successful and to bring good from it to both me and the readers.

My focus primarily is to focus on the Arabic - Grammer and Root analysis of the words in the Quran. I try not to use outside sources. For root analysis, I prefer the Classical lexicons Mu'jam al Ishtiqaaqi, Muhit al Muhit, Lisan al Arab, Taj al Aroos and Mufradaat al Raghib. Sometimes I also use other sources which I try to name always.

For Grammatical analysis, I use classical exegetical works such as Bahr al Muhit by Abu Hayyaan, Kashaaf by Zamakhshari, Tahrir wa Tanweer by Ibn Ashur, Ruh al Ma'ani by Aloosi and many others. Of course also using what knowledge of Arabic Allah has taught me.

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